Marc Korn
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My name is Marc Korn and I am passionate about Network Marketing and helping others.

I live in NJ with my wife and son…. I met my wife in 1989, which is when my journey really begins. Suzanne soon became my best friend and I married my best friend in 1991.

We were introduced by my childhood friend Lloyd, who is married to Suzanne’s cousin Mindy, so we all became not only best friends, but family, too.

So, THANK YOU to Lloyd and Mindy…

In 1996, my life changed again with the birth of my amazing and awesome son…

I love to travel and spend quality time with my family in addition to being around close friends.

I am now employed full time as a Customer Service Manager and I have mastered this role over the past 25+ years. So, since reputation is determined by the way that your customers and prospective customers talk about you and your company in the marketplace, I have learned in my career how to provide the type of high level customer service and support that is necessary to solidify your reputation and brand and position yourself as a Leader in the Industry.

I have been able to take that experience to the online world and I am passionate about Network Marketing and Affiliate marketing and do this part time in order to one day be able to have the financial independence and time freedom and be able to help others to achieve the same.

I have learned that network marketing is NOT about recruit, recruit, recruit or sell, sell, sell…but about people.
You build people and people WILL build the business.

First, it is always gratifying to help others succeed. The most gratifying way to achieve success is to help others become successful first.

Some of my goals for the upcoming year are to spend more time with my wife and son, who is growing up too fast. Continue to build and develop my online business and to remain on the path to financial freedom, so that I can be in control of my own destiny and not have it controlled for me.

“We all have two choices: We can make a living or we can design a life.” ~ Jim Rohn